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Chaos begone!
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Chaos Begone – Bringing Order to Your Photos, Music, DVDs, Contacts and Everything Else

One of the great aspects of using Recurrer is the ability to break down a big daunting project into smaller, repeatable steps and chip away at the project on a regular(ish) basis until it’s done.

While this works for all kinds of projects, it’s particularly useful for those projects that require working through a long list of very similar tasks. For example, I’ve previously discussed how I used Recurrer to write a book of 50 different pieces, each on similar, but slightly varying, topics.

I’ve also gone through the process of digitising a personal jukebox collection.

These are ideal projects that Recurrer can help you keep on track.

Other similar projects of daunting, but repeatable tasks:

  1. Tidying your photo collection – work your way through the chaos of all the photos you’ve gathered over the years. Organise and clean a week’s worth of photos every day or two.
  2. Ripping all your DVDs and Blu-Rays to your hard drive – much like CDs, DVDs and Blu-Rays are now passe. You want that stuff digitised and safely backed up on a hard drive somewhere where a service like Plex can feed movies to you like your own personal Netflix. Rip a DVD/Blu-Ray per day or two.
  3. Cleaning out the garage – if chaos reigns over your garage (or shed or other storage space) then you should work your way though it one box/section of the room every 7-10 days, labelling everything and making notes of where, exactly, everything is stored.
  4. Organising your notes – maybe you’ve got notebooks filled with ideas, or digital files of random thoughts. Consolidate them into DEVONthink or Evernote or your preferred note-storage app. Organise a handful of notes every few days.
  5. Tidying your contacts – if your list of contacts is scattered all over the place and out of date, then chip away at 5 people at a time every day or so and bring order back into your contacts list. Never again do you need to ‘new phone? who dis?’ people.

And so on. I’ve personally done every single one of these projects, but I’m sure there’s countless more. Think of the parts of your life that you wish were more orderly but which just seem too immense to confront. Then chip away at them, using the Recurrer app to keep you on track. As long as you organise items more rapidly than you add new ones, you’ll eventually have things on track. Don’t look at how big the task is or how long it will take. Just start chipping away at it on a regular basis.

Your future self will thank you.

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