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Getting Things Done with Recurrer

Perhaps you’re a fan of David Allen’s Getting Things Done methodology and want to know if the Recurrer app can help you implement it. The answer is: of course it can (would I be writing this blog post if it couldn’t?)

First, it’s super-easy to capture a task as soon as you think of it. One tap of the ‘+’ button and the task is in your list, starred and with a whole heap of default settings, ready to be acted upon.

The fact that the Recurrer app also contains just one big list of all your tasks means that you don’t need to go hunting in different places for all the things you should be doing. It’s right there, all in the one app.

And how’s this for a pro tip? You want contexts? Simply add ‘@home’, ‘@computer’, ‘@errands’ and whatever other contexts you need into the notes of your task. A quick search will soon filter them and you can focus just on the tasks you’re in a position to do now.

A ‘someday/maybe’ list of ideas? That’s almost exactly what the ‘snoozed tasks’ section of the app provides.

A weekly review? I’ll go you one better. How about a weeklyish review, showing up every six to eight days, so that if you’ve got too much other stuff to do in your usual weekly slot for it, it’ll seamlessly slide into a different day, with no risk of being forgotten.

And if you’re working on projects, and need quick access to your notes for them, don’t forget that you can make sure that a link to those project notes is just one swipe away.

The Recurrer app is not specifically designed for GTD, but nevertheless, if you’re a GTD enthusiast, it will fit perfectly with David Allen’s approach to getting things done.

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