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It begins with tasks about tasks. But where does it end? Where does it end?
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How To Get Started On The Recurrer App

Your first tasks in the Recurrer app should probably be meta-tasks. If you want to learn how to use the app to its fullest, set up some tasks that encourage you to explore it.

Here’s what I’d suggest:

  1. a daily(ish) task to ‘Open Recurrer app’. Give yourself an easy win each day. Just seeing one task move from the ‘To Do Today’ list to the ‘Done Today’ list is encouraging. Give it an estimated time to completion of one minute. Or let it stick to the default of 30 minutes and watch, over several days, how the app closes in on the average time it takes to complete.
  2. a task every few days to ‘Add 3 new tasks to Recurrer app’. Whichever three tasks are top of mind. Something that you’re supposed to do today anyway, whether that’s triggered by your calendar or some other task management app or your boss yelling at you. Have a look at the task and ask yourself how it best fits into the Recurrer app.
    a. Is it a task that recurs on some kind of regular basis? Easy. Give it the appropriate characteristics and let it slip into the list.
    b. Is it a longer term project that you have to work on over some period of time? Set up a task that says ‘Work on (name of longer term project)’ and schedule that as regularly as you need to get the task done.
    c. Is it a genuine one-off task you can complete in one sitting? Make it a non-recurring task in the task settings, just to get a feel for how those kind of tasks work.

There are other meta-tasks you can add over time. For example, I have a ‘check snoozed tasks’ that pops up regularly to remind me to unsnooze anything that I should begin thinking about again. I also have a daily(ish) ‘check for starred tasks’ to remind me to go looking for tasks that I really want to complete today to push them to the top of the list.

But these first two meta-tasks should be enough to get you started with the app. Give them a try. Or, at the very least, set up a task to remind you to give them a try.

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