all your tasks in one place

Organise your day instantly with Recurrer, the iOS app that keeps your to-do list in balance.

Life is a circle. Many of the tasks that confront us are tasks that we’ve heroically faced down before. The Recurrer app is your one-stop to-do list for all those recurring tasks.

Enter all the jobs that you need to do over and over again – the laundry, emptying the cat litter, giving your crazy Aunt Elsie a phone call – and Recurrer will remember when you last did it, and how close you’re getting to needing to do it again.

organise your life

Even better, Recurrer will then take all your tasks and automatically sort them by both urgency (how long until they’re overdue) and significance (how long they’ll take to complete) to give you a list of everything you should be aiming to do today. You can then leave the rest of your tasks for tomorrow, safe in the knowledge that you’re working on your most important tasks.

(Obviously, you don’t have to do what the app tells you – it’s not the boss of you. Scroll on down and do tasks it’s suggested for the future, if you like. ‘Star’ tasks to pin them to the top of the list. ‘Snooze’ them to dump them to the bottom. You’re in full control. But if you want to settle back and allow the app to organise your day, it’ll do that too. Flexibility is the name of the game here. Flexibility and task completion.)

manage projects

And if you think you’re limited to just tedious chores that repeat over and over, you couldn’t be more wrong. Recurrer can be – and has been – used to complete major projects (including its own programming – whoa! meta!). Simply break longer projects down into small, regular steps and the app will prompt you to make steady progess until you’re done. Plus, if you have a simple one-off task to complete, Recurrer has you covered there too.

Manage your recurring tasks. Manage your life.

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