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Focus on your strengths
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Recurrer and Atomic Habits – Chapter Eighteen

The eighteenth chapter of James Clear’s Atomic Habits is the beginning of the ‘advanced’ section of the book. It talks about how you can maximise your output by focusing on habits and tasks that align with your strengths, and minimising the time that you spend on tasks that don’t suit you.

You can make this process align with the Recurrer app by tweaking your tasks’ minimum and maximum recurrence time frame in alignment with your natural abilities.

There will be some tasks you still need to do, but push them out to the limits of the time frame of acceptability. Extend the maximum to exactly what you can get away with. And if you get away with it, consider whether you can tweak the task to give you an extra day before recurring again.

Conversely, for tasks that align with your abilities, bring that minimum recurrence back as close to one day as possible. And turn the maximum down too. If it’s something that you’re good at – something you enjoy – then the more often you do it, the greater benefit you’ll get. And forcing shorter and shorter recurrence time frames on it will means it will pop to the top of your list more often.

The order of your to do list in the Recurrer app is a guideline to how you should spend your day. Tweak it to make sure it maximises your output.

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