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Repeating tasks are the. heart and soul of Recurrer
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Recurrer and Atomic Habits – Chapter Eleven

The eleventh chapter of Atomic Habits by James Clear focuses on repetition. It stresses the importance of repetition. How habits are formed and progress is made not by planning or researching but by doing. How doing things over and over will eventually form a habit.

What’s this got to do with the Recurrer app?

Well, do I really have to spell it out? The Recurrer app is specifically designed around the concept of recurring (aka repeating) tasks. Yes, there are some clever things within the app to allow it some flexibility in that repetition, making repeating tasks work as well as they possibly can in a to do list environment. And sure, you can also add the occasional one-off task in there.

But the heart and soul of the app is in repetition. Use Recurrer to manage your repeating tasks and before you know it you’ll find zillions of habits forming. Just as James Clear predicted.

You’re welcome.

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