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Green! Satisfying.
Photo by Aleš Čerin

Recurrer and Atomic Habits – Chapter Fifteen

The fifteenth chapter of James Clear’s Atomic Habits talks about the importance of making new habits satisfying. The reward you receive is the key to making the habit repeat. The other three factors (making it obvious, making it attractive, making it easy) improve your chances that you’ll do the habit this time.

Receiving a satisfying reward upon completion improves your chances of doing it next time.

The reward can be small but should be immediate.

Apart from any external rewards you may want to apply, the Recurrer app gives you the small but immediate reward of turning a yellow or orange or red-coloured task a delightful shade of ‘completed green’.

That sounds like a joke, but, honestly? After using the app for a while the sight of a red task turning green gets associated with progress toward long-term goals. This, in turn, makes the colour change genuinely satisfying and helps you to power through your tasks for the day.

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