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Small, atomic habits done regularly can grow into something enormous.
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Recurrer and Atomic Habits – Chapter One

Atomic Habits is a bestselling book by James Clear. It guides you step by step through how to stick to good habits, eliminate bad habits and improve yourself 1% every day.

The first chapter in Atomic Habits talks about the differences between goals and systems. Goals are useful to set your direction – what improvements in your life you’re aiming for, but it’s systems that are the key to reaching those goals. Systems are the process for getting to your goal. A recurring habit that improves you one percent every day will compound over time (slowly, perhaps, but with patience, you’ll get there).

The Recurrer app is ideal for setting and sticking to these systems. Once you’ve thought about your goals and isolated the small, repeatable habits you need to head in the right direction, put those habits into Recurrer and you’ll be taking the first step towards regular 1% improvements. (The second step, obviously, is actually doing those tasks you’ve put in the app. But we’ll get to them.)

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