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Blow past those habit checkpoints with the Recurrer app
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Recurrer and Atomic Habits – Chapter Three

The third chapter of Atomic Habits by James Clear talks about the checkpoints that drive habits. Those checkpoints correspond to the four following drivers:

  1. cue
  2. craving
  3. response
  4. reward

How can the Recurrer app help boost these checkpoints and make it easier for you to build worthwhile habits? Let’s go through the guidelines that Atomic Habits recommends.

Cue – make it obvious

If you want it to, the Recurrer app will do all your thinking for you. What could be more obvious than opening an app that’s sorted all your recurring tasks in order of most important and urgent? If you can make ‘opening the Recurrer app’ a habit then all your other habits to work on are right there in front of you.

Craving – make it attractive

In the book, this refers to making the act of doing the habit itself attractive. But the colour scheme of Recurrer is pretty nice-looking itself, with the tasks gradually moving from the yellow of low priority through the orange of medium priority all the way up to the red of high priority. So, at the very least, the reminder to do it is sweet to look at.

Response – make it easy

There are limits to how easy an app can make it for you to complete a task. But within those limits, Recurrer does its very best to streamline the process. If it’s a habit with an online component or another app on your iOS device, then if you set up your links correctly, the tools you need to complete the task can be one swipe away. See the task, do the task.

Reward – make it satisfying

One of the most satisfying aspects of any to do list is the joy in checking something off. This is as true of the Recurrer app as any other. Transforming the red task at the top of your ‘to do today list’ into a cheery green task in the ‘done today list’ is a victory in itself. And seeing it pushed all the way down to the bottom of the list the next day is a secondary reminder of how satisfying it can be to complete a habit.

So if you’re trying to build recurring habits and want to strengthen your motivation to do so, the Recurrer app has you covered four times over. Should have called it 4currer.

Try Recurrer for free from the App Store now.

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