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Reflecting on the literalness of reflection.
Photo by Laurenz Kleinheider

Recurrer and Atomic Habits – Chapter Twenty

The twentieth and final chapter of James Clear’s Atomic Habits talks about the downsides of habits. How turning everything into a routine can lead, over time, to small errors creeping in unnoticed.

In order to counter this, Clear recommends reflection and review, where you slip outside of the process of doing your habits and deliberately re-examine them with fresh eyes. In doing so, you can reassess how you’re doing with your habits, whether you’ve allowed yourself to slip in quality and where you can improve still further. Or you can simply assess whether this habit should still be a part of your life at all.

The easiest way to accomplish this with the Recurrer app should be obvious by now. Simply schedule a recurring task called ‘reflect and review habits’ that comes around roughly every three months (or six months or year or however often you feel you can get value of re-examining your habits).

Pro tip: If you have too many habits to comfortably go through in one session, you can have multiple different reflect and review tasks that cover different subsets of the tasks in your Recurrer app.

That brings us to the end of this series on implementing James Clear’s Atomic Habits principles in the Recurrer app. Now go set a recurring task to reread these tips every six months or so.

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