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Flexibility was the key to making recurring tasks work.
(Reminder: add recurring task to do yoga every 2-3 days.)
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Recurring Tasks Reimagined

I created the Recurrer app to help keep me on top of all the recurring tasks in my life. The idea was a simple one – every other task manager app I’d ever used allowed recurring (or repeating) tasks, but the timeline for those repeats were always fixed in length. They would repeat two days later, or four days later, or a week later.

Very few of the tasks in my life required that level of precision. Indeed, that level of precision caused problems for me. If I had a number of tasks that repeated every two days, and others that repeated every three days, then every sixth day, they’d all be due, potentially overwhelming my task list.

No, the tasks in my life were generally more flexible than that. For example, I could repeat a task every three days, plus or minus a day. And so I coded that flexibility into an algorithm and, eventually, built the Recurrer app.

The side-effect of allowing flexibility to my recurring tasks was that the algorithm naturally began to sort out my priorities. Instead of having all the tasks recurring on top of one another every six days, as in the example above, the app would sort the ones that most needed to be done today to the top. The others, with a bit of variability now built into the system, could fall over to the next day.

After I got the hang of this approach I realised that I could break down my bigger projects into smaller, recurring sub-tasks too. Once my way of thinking about my tasks switched into this mode, I was able to get all my tasks done using the app.

The Recurrer app works perfectly for my style of daily task management. An algorithm that keeps track of all my tasks and sorts out which ones should take priority on any given day was exactly what I was looking for. It turned out that I just had to program that algorithm myself.

But if this kind of app sounds like something you’ve been looking for too, you don’t have to program it. I’ve already done that for you. Feel free to check it out via the iOS app store. You can download it for free. Give it a try.

Try Recurrer for free from the App Store now.


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