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I'll consider doing these tasks someday... maybe...
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Under Consideration – Dealing With Someday/Maybe Projects in Recurrer

By now, you’ve got all your regular tasks in your Recurrer list, along with bigger projects broken down into smaller, repeating subprojects.

But what about the projects that you’re not sure you’re ready to start just yet? Those that, in the immortal words of GTD guru David Allen, are in the ‘someday/maybe’ category. Maybe you’re going to start them soon. Maybe you’re not. But someday. Maybe.

Obviously you could store a list of such projects in some note taking app or on a piece of paper or on a whiteboard, and set up a recurring task in Recurrer to check that list on a semi-regular basis and decide whether that ‘someday’ may be, in fact, today. That’s certainly one way of dealing with the someday/maybe ideas.

Another way is to consider the idea of adding one extra word to such tasks. That word? ‘Consider’.

Here’s how it works. If you’ve got a task you’re thinking about getting to at some point, say ‘alphabetise books in bookshelf’, but it’s not urgent, then reframe the task as something to regularly think about. Instead of ‘alphabetise books in bookshelf’, retitle it as ‘consider alphabetising books in bookshelf’. Add 1 minute as the time to complete and a recurring time frame around about how often you want to think about it. That’s all there is to it.

Now the task can happily live with all the rest of the to do items in your Recurrer list, popping up at a regular basis, asking you not to do it, but just to consider the possibility of doing it.

That’s the perfect structure for a someday/maybe task, and when it graduates to an actual project, you can adjust the ‘consider’ version of the task to something more suitable for getting it, again in the words of Mr Allen, done.

Will this approach work for you? Maybe. Something to consider at the very least.

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