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Writing a book is not as relaxing as Gus makes it look


There have been precious few updates to this blog over the past several months. Why? Because I had to snooze the ‘Update Recurrer blog’ task. Other tasks – writing a new book – took priority.

Now, I could have simply allowed the app to do its thing, pushing the ‘Update Recurrer Blog’ task down in priority as the ‘Write book’ greedily demanded attention each and every day. And, indeed, that’s what happened for a while. But the demands and deadline of the book this time around were so large and recurred so regularly that the ‘Update Recurrer blog’ task turned ominously red. Even when it pushed into the list, I simply didn’t have the mental energy to add a blog post to the other words I’d written that day. (It certainly didn’t help that I signed the contract for the book halfway through writing a Nanowrimo book.)

Fortunately, I’ve previously discussed what to do when a task turns red. That post has tactics (short-term workarounds) and strategies (fundamental adjustments to the projects on your plate).

My problem was a strategic one – I had more writing to do than I had writing capacity with which to do it. In such a scenario, there’s no shame in choosing which task has to give. And in this case, it was updating this blog.

I could have deleted the ‘Update Recurrer blog’ task. But I knew the writing of the book would pass (which it has… for now). And once the book was gone, updating this blog was back on the cards. So I snoozed it instead, which is where it remained until today – the day of the Great Unsnoozing.

The blog is back. It has different recurring parameters – but it’s back.

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