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I'm talking about links, not a lynx.
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You’ve Got Links, You (Need To) Know How To Use Them

One of the handier options available in the Recurrer app is the ‘link’ field in each task. This is where you can put a link to a website of your choosing (don’t forget the ‘http://’ bit at the front – I’ll make it smarter at picking this up if it’s missing in a future release, promise).

The link allows you to quickly access by a long right-swipe a particular website. That website could be a Google Doc you need to regularly update, or an Amazon shopping list you want to regularly shop from or a Facebook page you regularly want to check out. Or, y’know, you could always access a website that’s not a multi-billion dollar enterprise. Your choice.

But that’s not all. Pretty much any time you have an app on your iPhone that allows you to generate a link, copying and pasting that link into the field in the task will allow you quick access to that app. This works with note-keeping apps such as DEVONthink or Evernote. It works with calendar items. It works, really rather neatly, with DuoLingo (try it – if you’re learning a language with DuoLingo, put duolingo:// into the link field and with one quick swipe your regular ‘Learn a new language’ task will launch the app for you).

And, please, if there are any iPhone apps that generate links that don’t work in the Recurrer app, contact me and I’ll do my best to add it to a future version.

Finally, if you have a task with no link attached to it, don’t forget that the same long-right swipe will trigger a Google search for the task. Give that a try and see what information Madame Google will deign to give you.

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